DSC_0120Many cafes and restaurants have leveled up their game just to attract customers some cafes put up games in their cafes and Captain’s Sweet Galley is one of the BEST!

Located at the Congressional Road, Dasmarinas Cavite near schools and dormitories it’s surely one of the hangout places of most students.nygAN3Cb

Their menu is mostly sweet treats like ice creams and frappes but don’t worry they also have snacks and pastas that can surely fill your hungry tummies. Of course, we tried some of their food. First, in the list is their Nachos. Personally, I think it taste good and is the best among the nachos we’ve tasted, it’s saltiness is balanced with sweet mangoes on top of it and the creamy taste of the cheese sauce and the taste the salsa sauce gives and it’s pretty plenty perfect for sharing.DSC_0111

Second, is their Affogato. You’ll probably go crazy with this dessert but make sure you choose the right flavors of ice cream to pair with coffee.DSC_0113

Third in the list is their Sandwich, I forgot the name of their sandwich but I didn’t forget its taste! It’s delicious and savory, you can also choose your sandwich it can either be in club style or the other style. DSC_0112

Fourth is their iced Macchiato, I can surely say it’s my favorite. Well, it’s not that sweet and it’s refreshing and the best thing is that you get to add the amount of coffee you want same with their affogato so, you can adjust the coffee amount in your drink.DSC_0116

The fifth and last thing in our list is the Salted Caramel Frappe, if I remember it right (I’m not sure about the name but I’m sure it has caramel in it.) I find it okay, not too sweet. This is I guess the least thing I like about what we ordered but I can still say that its delicious.DSC_0115

Now, let’s evaluate the place. If you’re a new customer and you try to open the door well, it’s locked. You’ll have to ring the doorbell but usually when they see you ahead they open it for you. The place has this joyful ambiance I don’t know if it’s just me or what. It’s comfortable, it’s not too big nor too small and the best thing about it is that they have a variety of games. Mostly are board games that most people will find them new.CDznkGtq

When it comes to their staff and service they are approachable and kind, very accommodating and they even teach you how to play games that you don’t know and you can play as long as you want. As they say “ want to sawa”. When it comes down to prices I can say that it’s alright, it’s not that pricey. We paid 525 pesos for 5 foods and I think it’s worth it. If I’d compare the price to the other cafes, I think it’s cheaper especially if you’ll eat like us we share the foods and divide the price to 5.


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