CUDDLE CUPlbzpBiWc (1)


Is located in front of the school DLSUD Gate 1 and it is very well known for the students of DLSUD from junior high to college because it is were those students stay to chill or do some of their school works.

Here they offer not just comfortable place, entertaining activities but also good foods. But as a customer and a student who have already gone to this place let me tell you my experiences.


About the place it is really comfortable and have a good ambiance because cuddle cup have this kind of theme in their store that is full of teddy bear that’s why it is called cuddle cup because of the bears though their place is not that big enough yet it is comfy to stay so if you’re a teddy bear lover I think I could recommend this store for you.

liiiN4bMAbout the foods and drinks that they could offer. For me their food is a bit pricey especially their targeted customers are the students but for the taste of the food well it is a “pwede na” if your not that picky. Though the taste its really good except for the other or I’ll just say that we have different taste. The foods and drinks that we’ve ordered are nachos which is pricey, smores the serving of biscuits is lacking, oreo frappe I think it doesn’t have taste at all and hazelnut frappe well it is delicious. All in all we just spent Php. 520.00 not bad if your in a group.



About for the other stuff that they could offer are the games, reading books, coloring books and stuff toys that are well organized in different corners of the cuddle cup to give more color to their store and to emphasized that stuff toys are the main reason why cuddle cup called cuddle cup.


So if you’re a teddy bear lover this store will be really great just for you or with you colleague also I guarantee you that you wont be bored because they have so much to offer that you haven’t seen yet. So Good Luck and Have Fun in seeking your desired coffee shop!


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