The Black Apartment


Try something unique in an apartment next door

The Black Apartment is located at Jed Padre Apartment C Osteria Street Medicion 1A, Imus, 4103 Cavite. It is a place where you and your friends can spend time together to catch up while eating your all time favorite foods. They also have special milkshakes to beat the heat and cool up your day.  dfsdf

They have burgers, fries, chicken and beverages that are just a right match to share with your friends and loved ones. The prices are a bit expensive but can still be in for your bud get. So, me and my friends tried their best sellers: Hole in the wall, Hot Chicks Next Door, Mango Lychee and Dark Choco Almond Milkshake.



Hole in the Wall is one of their best sellers because of its doughnut bun with egg, bacon, cheese and burger patty inside. So far the food iss good but the size of the food is a bit small for its price. But overall the taste of it is definitely worth the trip though thserving for the fries is small too.


Hot Chicks Next Door  is an 8 piece buffalo chicken with garlic ranch dip. Every bite makes you want to crave for more. The taste is perfect but the dip is really ‘kulang’. The chicken is not spicy thought it’s a buffalo chicken that’s why our expectation was not reached.But this is really a MUST TRY!


Dark Choco Almond Milkshake is a milkshake made of almod and Dark chocolate blended with whip cream, spnge, and nissin wafers on top. To rate it from 1-10, its 6 because P135.00 is too much for a shake like this. But it’s still a must try because maybe it is something good for other people’s taste buds.


Mango Lychee is a fruit shake made of mango and lychee blended together. For us this is the best shake to beat the heat because it was something unique and refereshing. It tastes SO GOOD!


The experience was something worth the walks under the sun!


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