‘The Gala QUEENS’





The GALA QUEENS are five people who met at De Lasalle University – Dasmarinas. Currently Senior High School Students at the university and are taking Accountancy and Business Management. They  eventually became best of friends as the year pass by. Get to know each one of them below.

Mariz Claire A. Alejos. THE LEADER of the pack. Usually leads the girls to ‘kalokohans’ and ‘katakawans’. A certified volleyball fan, Kdrama Addict, Kpop fan and a self-proclaimed dancer. Loves to take pictures but doesn’t want to be photographed. Edits videos and pics.
Alyza E. Balleza. THE ATHLETE. The swimmer in the pack. She won different swimming tournaments and is currently a member of a swimming club. One of the characteristic of an athlete is being a fighter but not only in the pool is she a fighter but also when it comes to love.
Alyssa Mae S. Del Carmen. THE CHEERLEADER. The happy pill of the pack. With her being ‘magugulatin’ you’ll surely be as happy as the pack when you see her doing different faces every attempt you surprise her. The best singer among the five.
Allea Cristina U. Estolano. THE MIC GAL. The Loudest in the pack. Usually the spokes person. You’ll never have a dull moment with her. She loves ice cream more than anything else. Can eat a half gallon of ice cream by herself. Also a Kdrama Addict and listens to Kpop.
Angelica Nicole T. Jimenez. THE PHOTO FREAK. The model in the pack. Usually the one who initiates to take groupies. Likes to be photographed.  Just bring out your camera and she’ll be more willing to pose for you.  Doesn’t have a music playlist.